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Dear Friends,

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I feel I must apologise publicly for my prolonged absence. I can at least assure my readers –and do feel free to pass this on to any who you feel should know– that I've been doing wonderfully, having a grand adventure: at times glorious, at others melancholy, but I would not trade these escapades for the world. Having been lucky enough, so far, to stave off the expiry of my meter –and to keep my garden from becoming completely overgrown– I have been compelled to drastically curtail my time in Caledon otherwise. Regrettably, I cannot say when another substantive piece of news will be available from

Your Correspondent,
Dvora Tardis


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On April 10th, 2011 08:29 am (UTC), luroreid commented:
pimples are really annoying, you can kill them using benzoyl peroxide but it will also make your skin red.

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