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In which two letters to a friend are excerpted:

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1st Excerpt:
... I cannot promise (though I will try) to deliver this message in person before your European Travels, as I have had a rather provoking flare-up of my chronic complaint of "RL". Regrettably, I simply must take the next couple of days as "homework triage" days. I will write again, if I am kept away for an extended period, though I admit that I foresee a somewhat urgent need to give greater attentions to my studies than I have, of late, done. As you are no doubt aware, an SL session usually swells past its intended time limit, thus making rather a "ten o'clock scholar" out of

Your good friend,
Dvora Tardis

2nd Excerpt:
Hehe, the frocks fund. The thing is that I don't have many Photoshop skills yet, to translate designs into Linden shapes, nor many ideas for new designs. Did I tell you I spent nearly an entire 512-mainland-sale, i.e. a bit more than $3000, the day I went exploring in the tunnels under Silent Sparrow? Probably foolish, but I am now outfitted for the next few seasons! (= I usually wear any given new frock for a week or two of logging in, until I tire of it, and then once I've run through them, I mix and match them, so they should now last me well into the spring. It's not something that can become a regular occurence of course, given my finances, but boy was it fun.

Though, I also think that my income has increased just slightly since the New Search, which I hope is not merely a fluke. If I can make it in-world for any length of time this coming week, I expect to show some of those Alice in Wonderland illustration-reproductions at Mr Whittlesea's Commons in Eyre.

Speaking of which story, do tune in to Radio Riel (music.radioriel.org) or come down to the station in Penzance one of these evenings, if you can. They're playing an audiobook of Alice, and hearing it read aloud, with pacing and voices, has made a lot of the material fresh again for me. Having read so much of it so often over so long, I had forgotten how ridiculous some of the conversations really do sound!
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